Happy Camp Computer Center operates under the umbrella of Karuk Community Development Corporation and offers a certified GED testing site in this remote region of our county. The community of Happy Camp is located along the Klamath River on Highway 96 and is approximately one and a half hours Northwest of our county seat. Due to present geographic challenges and history of transportation barriers, students in this area can now complete GED exams in Happy Camp and also receive GED Academy preparation assistance via distance learning model through the consortium. Adult education learners in the area also have access to work readiness skills development and employability certification opportunities.
Siskiyou County Jail has been working in partnership with both the Yreka Adult School and College of the Siskiyous to support adult education services within the correctional system setting. Through our community college, noncredit classes have been designed for day reporting inmates in support of workforce readiness and soft skills development with the emphasis on positive communication, problem solving and conflict resolution coursework. Yreka Adult School has been successful at offering high school diploma services to incarcerated learners by providing a dedicated instructor in the jail. GED preparation services through our GED Academy platform is being implemented jail.
Black Fox Timber Management Group currently offers an entry level program for Certified Level I Forestry Technician. Students are trained in species identification, timber cruising, volume measurements, owl hooting, thinning/removal techniques, managing and negotiating difficult terrain, and GIS applications. This six to eight-week class meets daily, both in the classroom and in the field. Upon completion, students are placed in paying jobs. Black Fox works closely with Northern California employers, but employment opportunities are available in all forested areas. The Certified Level II Tech class is currently being developed.
Mt. Shasta Ski Park provides certified trainers which will certify employees/enrollees in the operation of ski park machinery and trail maintenance. Instruction is also provided in relational customer service, lessons and ski/board assessment of skills, equipment rentals, equipment maintenance, food services and custodial. The CTE training enabled enrollees to transition from this training program directly into gainful employment. Trainings are specific to the snow operations of a resort, however, employees can utilize these certified skills into other areas of employment.
In November 1998 the State of California imposed an additional 50 cents a pack tax on cigarettes. The monies generated by this tax are set aside solely for use in improving the health and development of young children ages prenatal to 5 years old. The monies are divided among the counties based on birth statistics. Each county has the freedom to identify its own needs for the health and development of its young children and how best to satisfy those needs. First 5 Siskiyou (formerly Siskiyou Children & Families Commission) was first formed and began meeting in April 1999. Seven Commissioners, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, meet monthly on the 4th Wednesday.  Most meetings are held at Siskiyou County of Education, Siskiyou Room, 609 S. Gold St., in Yreka.  Occasionally meetings are scheduled in other locations as posted. Community Teams were formed in each of the County’s 10 major population areas to carry out the Commission’s agenda. Nine of the teams have evolved into Family and Community Resource Centers offering diversified programs throughout the county. The FRC/CRCs receive funding from First 5 Siskiyou through annual RFFs to provide programs that fit the needs of each community. Funds are set aside each year for specific countywide projects. First 5 Siskiyou Children & Families Commission 310 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd., Suite 5 Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 PHONE: 530/ 918-7222 FAX: 530/ 918-9067 allaboutthekids@first5siskiyou.org Executive Director Karen Pautz: karenpautz@first5siskiyou.org Administrative Services Coordinator Cheryl Sanchez: cheryl@first5siskiyou.org
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