Already have your GED or High School diploma? If you are looking to improve your opportunity to grow in your abilities and your career, we can help. Many careers require experience in the field or specialized training. Your job will be to let us know what you would like to pursue; our job will be to make sure that you are presented with all of the options and services that you need to achieve the goals that you already set for yourself. We recognize that adults returning to school or career changes can be overwhelming; let us help you find the excitement in extending your opportunities!

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Career Development Resources
California Career Resource Network
California Department of Education


The California Department of Education’s California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) provides career development resources to strengthen the career decision-making and career-planning skills of California’s middle and high school students. The CalCRN’s home page at has links to all CalCRN resources, which include the following:

The California Career Center ( Web portal is a comprehensive “virtual counselor” with career and college resources and tools to help students begin their career journey. Free student account feature. The Career Center’s focus is on students, but it contains resources for counselors, teachers, parents, and guardians. Includes Lesson Plan Creator for educators.

The California CareerZone ( is a career exploration system providing four easy-to-use career assessment tools. It connects users with information on more than 900 California occupational options and colleges across the country. The “Make Money Choices” budgeting tool helps students make the connection between life style choices and occupations that can financially support those choices. Free student account and educator account features. Free downloadable workbook.

The Support Personnel Accountability Report Card ( The SPARC online tool enables school site student support teams to create a unique, publishable document highlighting the impact their staff and programs are having on student career and college readiness.

Join the CalCRN e-mail list! Write to John Merris-Coots at the e-mail address below or go to:

Career Surfer

This mobile application is a tool for beginning career exploration and planning. Students can explore careers on their mobile devices by viewing snapshots of the more than 900 occupations detailed on the California CareerZone. Career Surfer is a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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California Career Resource Network

Home Site

California Career Center

Virtual Counselor Web Portal

California CareerZone

Career Exploration & Planning


  • Links to CalCRN resources


  • Contact information
  • Education Code
  • Partner Agencies


Quick Starts

  • Quick Start activities
  • Student Workbooks



  • Career & College Readiness Lesson Plans
    • 45 lessons for grades 5-12
    • 5 or 6 lessons per grade



  • Quarterly meeting agendas
  • Quarterly meeting notes


Hot Topics

  • Resource updates
  • Events

  • Middle & High School Planning
  • Exploring Career Options
  • Getting a Job
  • Post-secondary Education and Training
  • Addressing Challenges
  • Financial Literacy
  • Career-Related Videos
  • “My Stuff” Accounts with personalized High School and Career Action Plans
    • Upload and save documents


  • Parent Handbooks in eight languages
    • College in California
    • Career Development
  • Educator Resources
  • Helping Students Address Challenges
  • Student Activities
  • Lesson-Plan Creator
  • Educator to Educator Resource Sharing
  • Support Personnel Accountability Report Card (SPARC)


  • Parent Handbooks in eight languages
  • College in California
  • Career Development
  • Helping Your Child Address Challenges
  • Quick Guides to:
    • Exploring Career Options
    • Postsecondary Education and Training
    • Paying for College
    • California CareerZone Workbook [PDF]



  • Career Related Assessments
    • Quick Assessment
    • Interest Profiler
    • Work Importance Profiler
    • Skills Profiler
    • Assessment results link to database of 900 occupational profiles, 300 with videos (from O*Net and EDD)
    • Occupational profiles link to postsecondary education options with 7,418 schools (NCES College Navigator)
    • Training information includes California Apprenticeship programs
  • Make Money Choices links desired lifestyles with job earning potential
  • Career exploration, college application, and job application templates
  • Job Application Tools to create resumes, job search letters, and references list
  • Decide/Additional Resources
    • California CareerZone Workbook [PDF]
  • Student Accounts
  • User guides

Educator Accounts

  • Track student progress
  • Create reports of student activity


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