The implementation of the California Adult Education Program (AB 104) is to create and expand adult education services within California.

We are “Adult Education Pathways,” and our purpose is to offer basic academics and work readiness skills to adult learners so they can begin their journey to employment.  Through our educational programs, adult learners can earn a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate, pass the GED, learn to speak English or learn how to become a US citizen! It doesn’t matter where you live in Siskiyou County because we cater to all areas of our region. From Tulelake in the north, all the way to Dunsmuir in the south, we can help you!

High School Diploma

  • Are you just a few credits short of receiving your high school diploma? If so, let us know! Any of our six adult schools can help you get those remaining credits. Our classes are small and some have an independent study component.

Download Common Diploma Requirements (docx)

GED Academy

What Is the GED Academy™?

  • The GED Academy™ is a new kind of school, an online school for GED® test preparation where your success is guaranteed. To make it easy, we put everything you need online: practice tests, teaching lessons, books, and even your own private tutor. No matter how long it’s been since you were in school, the GED Academy online study program makes learning fast and simple. Worried about making the commitment? You can pass by studying just one hour a week.

Why the GED Academy™?

  • It’s simple. With the GED Academy™ you can get your GED® certificate faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Going back to get your high school diploma doesn’t have to be a long process.
  • Most of our students can be ready for the GED test in just four to five weeks by studying online every day, or three to four months by studying online one hour per week. We help you reach your fastest learning speed with personalized learning. Instead of the one-size-fits-all classroom, we build a customized learning plan that fits your needs.

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